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Ways to Improve Your Wife’s Mood

Posted in Uncategorized by pregnantfather on July 29, 2009

We’ve all heard the horror stories. Some of us may actually be living them. While some moods will insist on swinging, there are a few things we can do to keep our wives happy as their hormones rage inside of them.

  • Exercise- If a woman feels good about her body, she is much more likely to win battles with depression. If your wife isn’t depressed, she’ll prove much more agreeable. So drag her outside for a morning walk. Take her to the gym. Take her to the local pool and go for a swim. She will look healthy, feel healthy, and love you for your involvement. You might finally shed that beer gut while you’re at it. It’s a win-win situation.
  • Date- As the due date grow closer, your schedules will grow fatter and your wallets thinner. Regardless, make time to take your wife out. You don’t have to spend a bunch of money. Just show her you still love her the same as you did before you put a ring on he finger. A little attention goes a long way.
  • Beer- No, don’t give her a beer to calm her down. Instead, consider skipping the beer aisle the next time you’re at the grocery store. Your wife has to give up numerous pleasures during pregnancy- mainly alcohol. Guzzling cold one after cold one in the evening only taunts her, causing her to grow more tense with each sip. I’m not saying you need to quit drinking altogether, but be supportive. Also, consider not returning wasted and stinking of cigarettes after dudes’ night out.

What methods have you found especially effective for placating your pregnant wife?


Being a Pregnant Father

Posted in Uncategorized by pregnantfather on July 25, 2009

There’s lots of talk about the emotions a woman goes through once you plant your seed in her. But what about our emotions? Sure, guys aren’t usually prone to the tidal mood changes of women, but hey, we have feelings too. Right?

Since finding out I was going to be a dad, I’ve experienced a few emotions:

  • Anxiety- Let’s start with finances. I know I’m not the only dad-to-be consumed with thoughts of money. Pretty much everything I look at these days turns to dollar bills right before my eyes. I can’t even take my wife out for ice cream without shaking at the thought of dropping $3-5 per cone. Finances have knots popping up all over my back, and I can’t afford to go get a massage. But everyone keeps telling me, “It works itself out. Don’t worry.” Does it though? Maybe those are the same people up to their ears in credit card debt.
  • Nostalgia- I’m not typically prone to depression. As a matter of fact, I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced sadness or longing before impregnating my wife. That sounds a lot worse than it is- let me explain. One day it hit me- I’m all grown up. Or at least I have to be. I mean, I can’t be one of those immature fathers. I need to grow up and be the man of my home, showing my new baby the straight and narrow path. Gone are the days of late night intoxication and rock and roll concerts. Friends- what are those? Life has changed forever.
  • Excitement- Don’t get me wrong. I’m excited. More than excited. The thought of being a dad gives me butterflies. Thinking of all the things I’m going to teach my child, all the experiences we’ll have. Watching her rolling around with the dog outside- it forces a smile across my face. Luckily, no matter what other emotion pops it’s head up every now and then- this one wins out.
  • Thankfulness- Come on now, I’m not the only one who was worried they weren’t up to the challenge, am I? Tell me the thought didn’t cross your mind that maybe you didn’t have the- er, grapefruits- to get the job done.  I dare you. Deep down, every guy questions his manliness in the sperm count department. And it sure feels good when your wife tells you, “Job well done.”

I’m sure I’ve gone through other moods besides these, but right now they escape me. Have you experienced any of these?  What other moods have plagued you?


Posted in Uncategorized by pregnantfather on July 25, 2009

Hi. I’m a guy who’s well on his way to becoming a father. In my internet travels, I’ve found tons of pregnancy information for women, but extremely little for guys. Well, I’m here to change that. Whether you’re a guy looking for comfort through the next 9 months or a woman wondering what it’s like on the other side of the fence, join me on this journey. It’s going to be a blast.